Oral Immunotherapy

I love this new web site … Treating Food Allergies with Oral Immunotherapy.

It is filled with testimonials, a search-by-state field for OI allergists, and a heap of resource articles. Seriously … who even knew this much information on oral immunotherapy was out there brewing?

Exploring the cause of Jake’s allergies by beginning with his genetic make-up is in my one year plan, but oral immunotherapy is definitely an option for the future if he continues to have allergy problems.


Why I Started This Blog

I don’t take no for an answer very easily. Maybe I’m stubborn, maybe I’m spoiled; all I know is when I want something, nothing gets in my way.

I think God has instilled this drive in me and it’s why even when I want to move into acceptance about Jake’s multiple food allergies and over-the-top sensitive system, something happens to suck me back in. Something tells me not to give up. Not to listen to the dermatologist who said when he was four, “This kid’s allergic to the world. He’ll need to be on medication for the rest of his life.” Not to listen to the allergist, who said just this week in our conversation about Jake’s wishy-washy allergy blood and skin prick test results, “I. Just. Don’t. Know.”

When God plopped a miracle in my life this June at LD’s out of town baseball tournament game in Myrtle Beach, I made a promise on my hands and knees in my bedroom once I got back home: I will pay forward whatever I learn from this experience. Lord, I will be your hands and feet. I will not give up; I will persevere. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn more about Jake’s condition.

And so began my journey to contrast Jake’s genetic make-up +  NutrEval test results + symptoms (food allergy, histamine intolerance, hyperactive immune system) and then create a diet that will best allow his body to heal. We are in the process of waiting for one more set of test results and I have my second appointment scheduled with the nutrition/genetic consultant in mid-August. At our first appointment in July, she went over the 20-page genetic report. Fascinating!

Here’s the thing: Based on my experience with this child, I believe Jake is *more than* your typical food allergy kid. I am hopeful that this process, along with all the other research I’ve done over the past few years will clarify the root cause of his condition so that we can best manage it. I’ve always known if I could find a smart medical professional who REALLY CARED about him – like Katie, our SLP who put everything she had into helping him beat apraxia of speech – that we could figure this thing out.

This blog is going to be a place I organize my research and keep track of our progress. THIS … is my quest to obtain the healthiest and happiest life – the BEST – life for my son.